Woman With Ankle Monitor Caught Stealing From Home Depot


Orange City, FL - A thief with an ankle monitor and a history of stealing from Home Depot is arrested after stealing over a thousand of feet of wire from a store in Orange City.

On Tuesday (December 4th), Orange City police made contact with 29-year-old Kristen Schneider after an employee with the Home Depot off Veterans Memorial Parkway reported a theft that happened the month prior.

According to the report, Monday, December 3rd, is when the officer was reviewing footage at the store that was taken on November 23rd. The footage showed that around eleven o'clock that morning (November 23rd), a young woman, later identified as Schneider, walked into the store with an empty shopping cart, and left just five minutes later.

It was observed on the footage that she exited through the garden department with a full cart and showed employees a receipt as if she bought all the items.

The employee told the officer that no purchases were made the time she was inside the store, matching the items she stole.

The stolen items included a few potted plants, as well as two rolls of copper and one roll of soft wire.

Both rolls of copper added up to 365 feet of copper stolen, a total of about $210. The total of all the items stolen that day, including the copper and the other wire, added up to $360.25

The officer then saw footage from the next day (November 24th) taken around 12:30 that afternoon and found Schneider again entering with an empty shopping cart before leaving with more plants and 10 rolls of copper wire, each roll worth about $47.

She left again, showing a receipt to the employees.

Schneider returned to the store about three hours later with another empty cart and left with three tropical plants and one roll of 500 foot 150 amp electrical wire, which is valued at $935.

On the footage for the 25th, the officer noticed Schneider enter again around 12:30, repeating her usual process, this time making off with three tropical plants, 500 feet of wire and six rolls of indoor wire.

It was in that footage that the employee showed the officer that Schneider was in fact wearing an ankle monitor.

Schneider was arrested on December 4th, charged with four counts of grand theft. As of today, she remains in Volusia County Jail.

Her arrest records also show that she was charged with stealing from a Home Depot in Port Orange back in June. As a result she spent 72 days in jail.



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