Wanted Daytona Man Flees, Crashes Into Cop Car, Tries To Run Over 2 Officers


Daytona Beach, FL - A Daytona man, who was wanted for domestic violence, was busted on Thursday after he rammed a car into a cop car, tried to run into two officers, and led police on a chase, according to Daytona Beach Police Department (DBPD). 43-year-old Julian Brown was with his girlfriend Wednesday night, cleaning a methadone clinic located at 1823 Business Park Blvd. in Daytona. According to police reports, the two got into an argument earlier that day, and the argument continued at the clinic. As the argument ensued, Brown started yelling at his girlfriend, pulling her by the hair, and shoving her into the corner of the ladies' bathroom at the clinic. At one point, Brown stood in front of the bathroom door and refused to let her out. Eventually, Brown left and went out the front door, supposedly for a cigarette break, and the woman locked Brown out of the building. She locked herself in the bathroom, called 911, and remained there until police arrived. Brown left with his girlfriend's vehicle and keys. When police arrived, they found the woman with red abrasions on the right side of her face near her ear and red abrasions on her chest and arms, according to police reports. DBPD also discovered that she had a protection order placed against Brown in March 2007. She does wish to press charges. On Thursday morning, at about 9:40 AM, DBPD found Brown as he was parked in his girlfriend's car, just west of France Tower at Halifax Health Daytona. The girlfriend was the one who called police to let them know his whereabouts. A group of officers approached the vehicle, and Brown tried to drive away, but his car wouldn't start at first. One of the officers pulled out a weapon, pointed it at Brown, and told him to exit the vehicle. He tried to pull Brown out of the car, according to police reports. Brown was then able to start the car. He reversed and tried to drive off. In the process of attempting to flee, he rammed into one of the patrol cars, struck a civilian's vehicle, and tried to run over two officers, says DBPD. Both officers were able to move out of the way. He caused several thousand dollars worth of damage to his girlfriend's car, $900 worth of damage to the civilian vehicle, and about $5,000 worth of damage to the patrol car, which had to be towed from the scene. Brown led police on a car chase all the way over to the 100 block of Taylor Ave., where he abandoned the car he was driving. Police continued the pursuit on-foot, and Brown was ultimately arrested. He faces several charges, including attempting to flee, aggravated assault against law enforcement officers, driving with a suspended license, on top of domestic violence and false imprisonment charges. Brown is the father of four children, according to police reports, including two of his girlfriend's children, so the Department of Children and Families is also investigating.

(Brown's mugshot courtesy Volusia County Jail)

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