Volusia Schools Join With American Technical Furniture To 3D Print Designs

Volusia County, FL - A couple of Volusia County Schools are collaborating with the company American Technical Furniture (ATF) to bring 3-D printing technology, student's Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) curriculum and industry together. With help from their teacher, Michael Strahan, and online 3-D printing software, students from Edgewater Public School were able to make an 8-inch model of an ATF collaboration table. Their model will be shown at the technology trade show, InfoComm, from June 14 to 16 in Orlando.

(Edgewater Public School model and class photo courtesy of ATF)

Students from Pine Ridge High School also designed and printed their ATF collaboration table model. They printed theirs in pieces that join together to make a 2-foot model instead of an 8-inch model. By making it in pieces, they were able to maximize the 3-D printer, which cannot print very large items in one session.

(Pine Ridge High School model photo courtesy of ATF)

"Its probably going to take 80 hours worth of 3-D printing, so it's not an immediate gratification thing. But, we can see it evolving and continuing every step of the way," says James Maynard, a teacher at Pine Ridge High School. "It's very hands on and it's very rewarding in that sense because you can see the progression from beginning to end." Both models will be shown alongside ATF's products at the show. This collaboration began with Greg Schmidt, Regional Sales Manger for ATF, who visited kids at Edgewater Public School's AgriScience Career Day on May 17 to give them insight into the industry. "This is a collaboration table that can be used in educational, commercial and medical venues," says Schmidt. "In fact, many of the teachers at the career day were excited about the model and being able to see the size. So, I think they're going to get to see that on Wednesday - exactly what their models are going to replicate." A tour and photo opportunity to showcase the 3-D printed models will be held at ATF's manufacturing facility in Holly Hill, 831 Carswell Ave., on May 24 at 10:45 AM. It is a chance for the kids to see their finished creations. Also, "you can come to the trade fair. It's at InfoComm 2017, just go to Google and put that in there and you can register. We will have free passes and we'll put it our on our Facebook (@AmericanTechnicalFurniture)," says Schmidt. "They can also go to our website, AmericanTechnicalFurniture.com, and you can see some of our products."

(InfoComm flyer courtesy of ATF)

Photo courtesy of FabrikaSmif and Shutterstock.com Copyright Southern Stone Communications 2017.