Tortugas & Volusia Schools Team Up For Student Success


Daytona Beach, FL - At their latest meeting (February 26th), the School Board of Volusia County approves an agreement with the Daytona Tortugas.

And that agreement will establish a multitude of programs and opportunities for students with a value of around $50,000.

"It's a lot of things that we've already been doing over the years, but this formalized partnership will really let us take this partnership to the next level," said Ryan Keur, President of the Daytona Tortugas. "This will let us give our students and teachers more opportunities and resources to be successful."

These programs include the "Summer Home Reading Challenge," which will allow kids in kindergarten up to 8th grade read and earn prizes.

According to Keur, students have to read a total of 360 minutes to get around the baseball diamond. He said that's because the length to each base is 90 feet, which will represent 90 minutes.

Once students makes a "home run" or reaches home, they win a free ticket to a Tortugas game. But, it won't be like any other game.

That game, which will take place on August 31st, will feature all students who made a home run in their reading challenge. Students will be recognized on the field with their name displayed on the Tortugas' video board.

While it seems that K-8 students might be getting all the opportunities, the Tortugas haven't forgot about high school students.

Keur said that the team is also introducing a brand new high school ambassador program.

"We thought what better way than to create this ambassador program," said Keur. "In essence, we take four high school students from each of the 10 high schools in the area and talk to them about what opportunities exist within the Tortugas."

In Keur's words, that will show students that more exists beyond being a player, giving them an opportunity to participate in a hands-on, real world experience in dealing with a pro sports team.

Other programs that the agreement includes is an Education Day, which will allow K-8 students to take a field trip to the Jack to watch a game and participate in displays.

Teacher Appreciation Nights will also be in place to recognize teachers with an offering of discounted tickets.

And Extended Day Summer Splash Days, which is described as an opportunity for elementary summer programs to combine a baseball game with summer camp activities.

"This commitment is so important because we all agree that education is one of those pillars to community success," said Keur. "We need this next generation of students to be able to fill the gap."

Tortugas opening day is April 4th, for ticket information you can click here to visit their website.


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