Students Suspended & Expelled Following Fights At Seabreeze High


Daytona Beach, FL - A recent update from Volusia County Schools says that one high school is taking steps to address a number of fights and threats that have happened on and around its campus.

That release was regarding Seabreeze High School.

VCS said "Police have been investigating and the school has taken action against some of the students involved," that action being two suspensions and one expulsion, which was confirmed by Daytona Beach Police Chief Craig Capri earlier today (March 20th) on WNDB's Marc Bernier Show.

Chief Craig Capri with Marc Bernier, in-studio at WNDB.

Last Friday (February 15th), police were made aware of a fight that took place off campus between students that was captured on video. It was in that video that police saw one of the students had what appeared to be a knife.

That student was located later that day on campus and tried to run from administrators when asked to walk with them back to their office.

Administrators were able to catch the student and found a yellow box cutter as they walked him back. The student told the administrators and Daytona Beach police that he only had the box cutter because he took it from another student that pulled it out on him. He also admitted to throwing it down when he ran.

Knives confiscated from students at Seabreeze. Courtesy of DBPD

Then, the next day (February 16th), Daytona Beach police was made aware of a possible school threat about a shooting that was set to take place after the school opened following the President's Day break.

According to Daytona Beach police, two students, who were part of a recent fight, said that several students were involved in fights both on and off campus at some of the surrounding businesses on Atlantic Avenue.

Their narrative shows that they believe the fights were race driven in nature.

According to the victims, fights have been happening between white and black students for a couple of months in and around SHS. One of the victims even recorded some of the fights.

"It's been festering for a few months," said Chief Capri.

Following the fights, they found video and text messages from an unidentified student that said "this is just the beginning" and on Tuesday (February 19th), they were going to bring a gun on campus and that would be the end.

"Somebody called in a threat, saying that they were going to shoot up the school," said Chief Capri. "We weren't able to find anything credible, but we take those threats seriously."

That following Tuesday, over 700 students were absent from class.

And while some reports say that the fights and threats are race related, some authorities believe that's not the case.

"No racial slurs have been hurled, nothing like that," said Chief Capri. "People have said it's a race issue but I don't see it as a race issue. You got people from all different background on different sides fighting each other."

Chief Capri also went on to comment: "believe it or not it's over spilled milk, I'm not kidding you."

WNDB has yet to get confirmation on that report.

Another skirmish happened earlier today (February 20th) near Seabreeze, after several students got into a fight with two construction workers near the campus. "Nothing student versus student," as Chief Capri commented.

Despite the numerous altercations and the shooting threat, Chief Capri wants to let students and teachers know that the school is safe and that Daytona Beach police is "all over it."

You can listen to Chief Capri's full interview with Marc Bernier above.


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