Police: Edgewater Burglar Naked In Woman's Home


Edgewater, FL - An Edgewater man ends up back at Volusia County Jail for breaking into an elderly woman's home, taking off his clothes and scaring her when she woke up.

Shawn M. Plotts was caught within minutes of the break-in early Friday morning at a home on Kumquat Drive, according to the Edgewater Police Department.

The 93-year-old victim called 911 in a panic around 1 a.m., saying she woke up to find a completely naked man standing over her in her bedroom.

"I woke up and screamed and he ran out," the woman stated during the call (full audio below).[audio mp3="https://www.newsdaytonabeach.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/07-08-18-911-of-edgewater-naked-burglar.mp3"][/audio]

She didn't identify Plotts as that man, but officers say her description of the suspect led them to Plotts after an EPD sergeant responding to the scene found him shirtless and wet walking north from the woman's home and detained him.

According to the incident reports, the sergeant found Plotts with grass all over his torso and pants and "breathing heavy".

First responders found the woman's home a mess, with items thrown about everywhere, including broken glass on the kitchen floor.

The reports also noted a pair of wet men's underwear located near a window and a window screen on the ground in the backyard. That screen was in front of the back door, which officers think may have been how Plotts got inside.

A body search turned up the woman's driver's license, bank cards in her name and a set of keys in the back left pocket of Plotts' pants which were then linked to the woman's vehicle, per the report.

When questioned, Plotts told officers he was walking to his girlfriend's home and claimed he was wet because he had fallen in a pond before refusing to answer any more questions.

Plotts is held without bond at VCJ on two burglary charges as well as credit card theft, home burglary and resisting an officer. His no-bond status is based on a probation violation for a June 2017 domestic battery charge.

VCJ records show Plotts has been booked three other times since April 2017, including last month for culpable negligence.


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