NJ Man Searching For Parrot He Says Was Stolen During Bike Week


spyke on shoulder riding web

Daytona Beach, FL-New Jersey resident Mike Mularz is on a mission to find his beloved pet parrot, Spyke. The bird disappeared during Bike Week from his motorcycle near Main and Noble Streets.

He says he left the bird on the motorcycle when he wasn't allowed to take Spyke inside a bar Saturday. Mularz says Spyke will sit on the mirror until he returns and won't move from the biker. That's why Mularz is sure the parrot was taken from that perch.

Spyke is 22-years old and is a blue and gold macaw. She is banded. The motorcycle (pictured with this article) is painted in Spyke's likeness.

Mularz told WNDB he's offering a $1000 reward for information leading to the return of Spyke.

Mularz writes a column for Born To Ride biker magazine called "Mike and Spyke" and says he raised the bird from an egg.

Call with info 727-432-3949.

Photo credits Born To Ride magazine.

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