Holly Hill

Man Killed by Holly Hill Police Amidst ‘Violent Episode’


A man was shot to death by the Holly Hill Police Department on Tuesday in the midst of what's being described as a 'violent episode', according to new information from the Volusia Sheriff's Office. The incident occurred at around 5:26 pm at Fifth Street and Ridgewood Avenue.

According to the initial information that's been released, a woman called the police saying a male subject was threatening to harm both himself and others, and that he'd threatened to kill her in the past. He was reportedly saying he'd be going outside to stab a female victim. 

When officers with the Holly Hill Police Department responded, the man is said to have had a steak knife in-hand. He was held at gunpoint. Moments later, the VSO says, shots were fired and the man was fatally wounded. He was pronounced dead at the scene with no other injuries reported.

The tone of the VSO's initial statement stressed that this information was based off of the earliest reports, and that more information would be made available as the investigation continues. Bodycam footage is expected to be released on Wednesday.