Home At Site Of Possible Sinkhole Near Deltona Deemed Uninhabitable


Deltona, FLUpdate: A home in the unincorporated area of Volusia County near Deltona that was the site of a potential sinkhole has been deemed uninhabitable due to foundation failure.

After the damage at 100 Wild Horse Run was reported, Volusia County Environmental Management and Building and Zoning staff assessed the property. According to their reports, the kitchen had dropped about four inches and there were large cracks in the pool deck. Staff also noticed stress cracks around the perimeter of the building. Also, a deck drain appeared to be crushed along the perimeter.

Officials say that without further evaluation of the subsurface and a structural engineer inspection they can't confirm or rule out the presence of a sinkhole.

Because the home has been deemed uninhabitable, the residents have been advised to reach out to their insurer and to have a structural engineer evaluate the building.

Photos courtesy Volusia County government.

Earlier Reporting:

Volusia County Fire Rescue was called to the scene of a possible sinkhole near Deltona, early Wednesday morning.

When Engine 34 got to 100 Wild Horse Run in the unincorporated area of Volusia County near Deltona, firefighters found four adults and two dogs that had evacuated the affected home. The people living there told first responders that the sound woke them up and they saw the center of the home was cracking and sinking. When they tried to get out of the house they couldn't open the door so they exited through a window.

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office has cordoned off the area and Volusia County building officials are inspecting the area. Florida Power and Light has been notified of the incident.

Officials say no one was hurt and the Red Cross is working to provide assistance.

Photo courtesy mikeledray and Shutterstock.com.

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