Florida Gas Prices Lowest of 2023


In a welcome bit of good news for Florida motorists, the average price of gas in the state is the lowest it's been in all of 2023, according to figures from AAA. The average cost of a gallon of gas was $3.17, the report said.

The decrease to $3.17 is five cents lower than the previous lowest mark of the year, a $3.22 average set back in March. It is twelve cents lower than last Sunday's average, and 68 cents below the yearly high of $3.85, from August.

"Florida drivers are now finding some of the lowest pump prices since December 2022," said AAA Mark Jenkins. "Drivers are even finding pump prices below $3 a gallon in some cities. In fact, about 20% of Florida gas stations now have gasoline priced below $3 a gallon. Even more are likely to follow, this week. The seasonal decline in driving demand, coupled with gasoline supply builds and falling oil prices are all contributing to the recent pump price drop."

The most expensive metro areas in Florida for gas are West Palm Beach-Boca Raton, Naples, and Tallahassee. The cheapest are Pensacola, Crestview-Fort Walton Beach, and Orlando. Florida overall has cheaper gas than the national average ($3.42) but more expensive gas than its closest neighbor, Georgia ($2.90).

For Daytona residents, as usual the cheapest sources of gas are Buc-ee's and Sam's Club, each of which offered $2.84 gas as of Monday afternoon.