DeBary Mom Threatens School Over Field Trip Fee

Frantavius Conquest - Courtesy of VCSO

DeBary, FL - The mother of a DeBary Elementary School student is out of jail after being arrested for making the statement she would "blow up the school" if she did not get what she needed for her child.

Volusia County Sheriff's deputies responded to the school just before 10 a.m. yesterday. The school principal stated that the woman, Frantavius Conquest, came to the school to talk about money to be used for a field trip for her daughter. The principal reported that Conquest was very irate and would not calm down. Conquest was asked to leave but initially refused, then capitulated.

The police incident report continues that a grandparent of another student notified the school that he heard conquest make a threat about blowing up the school. The principal completed a written statement and asked that Conquest be trespassed from the school.

A school secretary confirmed that Conquest called on the phone before coming in. The secretary also stated that Conquest told her during the conversation, "If she came up to the school, they would need to call the police." The secretary finally hung up on Conquest.

Deputies continued on the trail, visiting that grandparent of another student that said Conquest threatened to blow up the school. He stated that Conquest made statements regarding the school being racist. The grandfather also completed a statement regarding what he heard. He stated that he'd never seen or met conquest previously.

The next stop for the deputies was Frantavius Conquest home. They read Conquest the Miranda Warning. She stated initially that she did not understand. The deputy read the warning again, at which time Conquest stated she understood and was arrested.

During the trip to the Volusia County Jail for booking, Conquest said she went to the school to ask about money she had tried to give the school. Once at the office, she said she felt like she was going to "blow up" due to her feeling like the school was 'trying her."

Conquest is charged with a second-degree felony, Threaten to Discharge a Destructive Device. Her bail was set at $5,000. She was able to bond out of jail about eight hours after being arrested.


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