Daytona Beach Police Park Roundup Nabs Dozens

Daytona Beach, FL - At least 24 people have been charged by Daytona Beach police in an effort to keep loiterers out of city parks. The round-up started Wednesday and lasted into early this morning, according to arrest reports just released by the Problem Oriented Policing Unit of the Daytona Beach Police Department. It comes after the city changed park rules lately to make it harder for homeless to legally stay for long periods of time, but DBPD spokesperson Lyda Longa says these changes will apply to everyone equally. "Anyone who violates the ordinances will be arrested," Longa added. During his usual monthly apperance on WNDB's Marc Bernier Show earlier this week, DBPD Chief Craig Capri hinted that such a move would be coming once signs showing the new rules were created by the city and posted up. "The parks are open to everybody," Capri stated. "But you cannot commit criminal acts in the park. You can't harass people. You can't threaten people. You can't urinate [in public]. You can't take baths in public." Capri also said that an ordinance is currently in the works to target aggressive panhandling, one he hopes will be in front of the City Commission in the next few months. The mugshots and names of the 22 who were booked at Volusia County Jail are posted below. The other two people were given notices to appear in court, according to the charging affidavits.

Robert E. Alford

Dennis J. Alopogianis

Geoffrey M. Anderson

Jolene C. Barton

Arthur C. Blakely

George A. Brown

Nicholas A. Chamberlain

Walter Cruz

Joel A. Dynes

William P. Ellis

Christopher A. Girke

Gary R. Guffy

Nancy A. Iler

Leo J. Kaczmarek

Dylan W. Lovell

Angela J. Messmer

James H. Park III

Amberlyn M. Pickering

Jon P. Raymond

Henry R. Rogan, Jr.

Mark A. Simmons

Pete E. Stillion



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