Another Charge For Accused Daytona Beach Serial Rapist


Daytona Beach, FL - The Daytona Beach Police Department is adding more charges to a man already accused of being a serial rapist. Markeith Martin is charged with Felony Battery and Sexual Battery with Injuries in an incident that took place on September 28, 2018.

The incident report states that the woman involved gave a statement to a DeLand Police officer and an investigator from the State Attorney's Office on May 3.

The victim said she's met Martin two days before the incident. They met up on the evening of the crime. The woman said she walked with Martin to a friend's house. She advised she drank a small amount of alcohol but Martin was drinking heavily. The woman said he got jealous because she was talking to his friend and accused her of flirting.

The victim then went to the bathroom, Martin came in behind her and began choking her from behind, leaving her unable to breath. Martin's friend came in and began punching him, telling him to leave the victim alone.

The woman said Martin apologized to her, saying they needed to leave. She told investigators that Martin's friend followed them down the street saying that she shouldn't go with him, that he would hurt her and kill her.

To add to the confusion, the victim's text app went off with a message from an ex-boyfriend. This in turn, angered Martin. The woman reported that he said things like, "you're mine" and "You're going to be my future wife." She said she told him that wasn't going to happen.

Martin than directed the woman to wooded area, where he put a blanket on the ground, then grabbed her from behind and started choking her again. She said she could not breathe and then Martin threw her to the ground, where he choked her with his hands, causing her to "feel like her eyeballs were bulging out of her head."

Choking and punching continued for some time while Martin laid on her, causing her to lose consciousness. The victim said she came to with Martin sexually assaulting her as she went in and out of consciousness. The woman said she thought that she was dying and said to the defendant repeatedly, "I think I'm gonna die."

The victim stated she woke up about daylight to see Martin with tears streaming down his face. She said he stated, "I'm sorry, I didn't know you cared for me." Then he grabbed her hand tightly, walking to a nearby marina.

The victim said they went into the bathroom and Martin tried to clean the blood out of her hair. She said when she saw her face in the mirror, she went into survival mode, making a scene outside the bathroom. No one helped but she got away from Martin and ran to the nearby 7-11. There she runs into Martin's friend from the night before. He took her to his home to let her shower and clean her clothes.

The victim told investigators that she's only known Martin for a couple of days and that they had not had sex prior to the night of the incident.

The victim advised she wanted to press charges. Based on the original investigation, a SART kit was not completed.

Martin, of course, remains in the Volusia County Jail.


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