$340 Million Allocated for I-95 / US-1 Interchange in Ormond Beach


ORMOND BEACH, Fla. - The interchange at I-95 and US-1 in Ormond Beach will receive a massive redesign in a few years, on the back of well over a quarter million dollars in confirmed state funding. $340 million will go toward the project, which is part of a larger state initiative known as 'Moving Florida Forward' to update the state's infrastructure.

The greater program is comprised of $4 billion from the state's budget surplus, according to the Florida Department of Transportation. In the wake of multiple recent hurricanes and rising sea levels impacting the state, Florida's infrastructure is a rising priority for long-term residents, and so this project may prove an effective factor in bolstering public confidence.

Florida Transportation Secretary Jared Perdue was present at Ormond Beach City Hall Tuesday morning to announce the interchange project. A start date was confirmed for fall 2027, with goals including safety, resiliency, and reducing traffic congestion. In his remarks Tuesday morning, Perdue named the interchange as one of the ones most due for a revamp across the state, it being among the last to still exist in its originally constructed form.

One of the most noticeable changes will be the planned expansion of US-1 from two lanes to three in the one-meil stretch between Plantation Oaks Blvd Destination Daytona Ln. This stretch, starting just north of the interchange and going to just beyond the RaceTrac station on the south end of it, is currently a source of frequent traffic congestion.